if ever you are thinking of it, and know it isn’t right - do not proceed. 


<3 Thank you so much for your love and condolences. He truly was a sweet heart and a teddy bear to the fullest. I miss him dearly as I know you all and we all do. I am sorry to all of you who lost someone so rare and special.


He was pretty phenomenal and such a sweetheart. I and my family thank you for your condolences, I can’t begin to tell you how difficult it was at first and still is. He was my last living sibling. He is now resting in peace with his sister Vanessa who died a year and a half before he was born. How I dearly wish this was a bad dream that we can wake up from and it be the 4 of us again. He’s no longer in pain or suffering from whatever people inflicted on him during his time in the cruel world. I do hope he imprinted love on all those who knew him online and offline. No one can hurt him with harsh words, lies and or deceit. He doesn’t have to endure what we all have to face in this life and the horrible things to come to this race of humanity. I will keep his tumblr, twitter, Facebook and Instagram open, and occasionally update on there just because we don’t want to lose his foot prints he left online. It is all we have left to remember.


i hope he heard you, and i don’t know who you are but I hope you don’t repeat whatever you did to julian to anyone else. let it be a lesson. you never get to say sorry ever. Im not trying to be mean, but I am trying to be honest. This is his sister. 


thank you for taking the time to share your condolences. Our family appreciates everything we receive from you guys it helps us get through our days.

i didn’t finish dead space 3

i hate how sometimes i miss a certain video game i stopped playing months ago and when i put the disc in and the game starts i remember I’m at the part of the game where i get frustrated and can’t beat and i literally just shut the game off for another few months lmao.

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