today i went for orientation at my school to meet the people and know where my classes were. it went great! im pretty excited to start school on monday haha and pretty stoked to get my scrubs the week after. ive always wanted to work at a hospital. so this means i need to stop fooling around on twitter + tumblr a lot & study hard instead. :-)

this guy at a yard sale had a whole folder book of the 150 original pokemon cards and extra ones in japanese all for like 5 bucks. you better fucking believe i took that all home with me.

i registered for school today. i start in march. I’m going in for medical billing and coding. ive been out of school for quite some time and getting myself back in is a major step tbh. i couldnt be anymore proud of myself. it may not seem much but for a lazy ass like me to get back to school. its huge. :3

oh and ive been awake since 6am and only got 2 hour sleep today. PLUS had to go to work right after registration so that made me even more tired. ughhhhh…

anyway i hope you all had a great day as well. cheers!!!!

people like you need the same treatment just like how you did to me. i hope karma bites you so fucking hard and wont let go.

i wanna do it all over again. crystal castles was fucking A M A Z I N GGGGGGG

thank you for being there when no one else was, even though you fucking left too…

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